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Stainless Steel Maintenance.

Safety Critical Testing

We make use of 1st World Test facilities in Australia to test our Nudge Bars for Air Bag Compatibilty. This test is conducted by using a sub frame of a vehicle and running an actual crash test scenario to verify the bar and brackets will have no negative effect on the air bag systems. This type of testing is also backed up with a comprehensive liability insurance policy to cover any product defect / failure in the market regarding Nudge Bars and Towbars. Sycor Stainless Steel is proud to boast that we have not had any insurance claims to date for the last 20 years of manufacturing these safety critical products. This is a true testament to our Engineering Division and comprehensive testing involved in each part before being approved for mass production.

Additional testing also includes Vibration Testing – This involves running simulations on mounting brackets that load specific weights and have to endure 1 million to 2 million cycles without any fractures

Load Testing – This includes testing maximum load weights on brackets – We normally have this in place for our Side Steps which can comfortably pass over a 200kg load weight

Stainless Steel Maintenance


  • Routine cleaning (see below) repeated for a few days, will address superficial staining.
  • For rust spots created by a fragment or ordinary steel becoming embedded in the surface (identified by a "halo” around the affected area) pat with a 10% solution of nitric acid on a soft cloth or earbud, repeat until removed.
  • Hard rubbing will be required for severe stains, use a fine household abrasive (nylon scouring pad) and 10% nitric acid. Acid treatments must be followed by rinsing in ammonia or soda bicarb solution.
  • Be careful when using Acid or Ammonia, avoid contact, if accidental contact does occur then rinse immediately and soak in ammonia or soda bi-carb solution, followed by normal cleaning.

Dust & Mud:

Remove heavy debris with a high pressure cleaner or garden hose, then wash with a mild detergent and warm water. 

Oil & Grease:

Remove heavier deposits by wiping off first, followed by a wash with warm water and a mild detergent, use a water based degreaser if necessary. 

Stubborn Stains:

A paste made from fine chalk of Soda Bi-Carb with a soft cloth can be used. Alternatively the mildest household abrasive can be used (AVOID Handy Andy, Mr Min, Bleach, Engine Cleaner and any metal based cleaning material). 

Routine Cleaning:

Warm water and sunlight liquid with a soft cloth or sponge.

Stainless Steel repair kit 

Our stainless steel products are designed for the tough SA climate and the tougher SA driver!...But, life happens, and little scratches and nicks can be picked up, as you will have noticed, the shine comes back easily with a good clean, but, if you want to get the steel looking as good as new, please try our stainless steel repair kit, ARTAV part number 040T found in the Roll Bar / Grill Guard section.


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