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At Errol’s Tyres we are committed to giving you the ultimate online shopping experience.
We offer the most convenient way to buy your car's tyres, battery, alloy wheels and accessories. Read more about our outletErrols Tyres buy your tyres online

Buying tyres online is as easy as 1-2-3

We deliver to your door - throughout South Africa
1. Find the right product at the right price. Add it to your shopping cart.
2. When ready place your order and tell us where to deliver your order.
3. We'll contact you to confirm your order and with payment instructions.

Shopping is easy at Errol's Tyres Online shop

How to safely & quickly buy your tyres, wheels, roll and nudge bars, batteries and other automotive accessories on Errols Tyres Online shop.

Important!  3D Secure Credit / Debit card and EFT options available. We do NOT accept cheques as a form of payment. Place your order, we will check availability and vehiclecompatibility and then we'll send you payment instructions.

  1. Find the products that fit your vehicle and your budget.
  2. Add them to your shopping cart.
  3. Select Place Your Order / Get Your Quote when you have finished shopping.
  4. Review the items that you have added to your shopping cart.
  5. We need to know where to send your items. Tell us where you stay by making use of the options found beneath Shipping Information. We have 6 major citieslisted - choose the major city nearest to you - select and then enter your postal code OR to find your postal code - enter the first 2 or 3 letters of your town or suburb. A drop list will appear. Find your postal code next to your town or suburb, then select your choice.
  6. Certain products can be delivered to one of our Fitment Partners, if they are listed near or in your area. Selecting this option, In this case, the delivery or cartage fees will be cancelled from your purchase order automatically, subject to having those products fitted at the selected Fitment Partner.
  7. Enter your personal information. While you are at it, please tell us what vehicle the items are to be fitted to - so that we can ensure that you have ordered the right parts.
  8. Goods in transit insurance is available. By selecting this option on the order, will ensure that, in the unlikely event that any goods permanently lost or damaged, during delivery, will be covered 100%. T&C's apply. If this option is not taken, no claim for loss or damage will be considered or entertained.
  9. Read and accept our T&C's and Place Your Order.
  10. Your order is sent through to us. We'll review it, check stock, and if all is okaywe will send you our banking details and payment instructions. Please note that we do NOT accept cheque payments.
  11. Once your payment has been received, we will send you your goods and notify you of the delivery information, including your unique tracking number, if applicable. where you can follow where your goods are. Please allow 3 to 5 working days (excluding Saturday & Sunday) for delivery. In the case of you selecting one of our existing Fitment Partners, you will be notified of the name of the Fitment Partner, street address and contact details. Fitment, balancing and any other costs, are to be negotiated between yourself and your selected Fitment Partner.
  12. GET A QUOTE:To obtain your own personalised quote, please follow the above sequence from 1 to 9. At the end of the sequence, click theGET A QUOTE block. Should you require us to activate your quote to an order status, contact us and we will convert your quote to an official order.
  13. ORDER CANCELLATION: Once you have placed an order with us and received confirmation from us and you decide not to continue the order, please advise us to cancel your order and advise us as to your reason for cancellation. Your response may assist us in improving all our service levels to our online customers. Thank you.
  14. INTERNATIONAL ROAD FREIGHT:  We now offer international road freight to NAMIBIA, BOTSWANA, LESOTHO and SWAZILAND.
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