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Vintage Car Tyre Conversion Chart

The table below offers a quick look-up for common vintage and antique tyre sizes. Many of these older sizes don't have any direct correlation to modern tyre notations, so these tables should be used as a guide only to what could be used in today's sizes. A few manufacturers do still make classic tyre sizes, and where possible you should use those. However, these tables are more for those of you looking for close equivalents to tyres that simply aren't available anymore. Further, some modern series tyres shown, may not be available in S.A.
Alpha-numeric 60 SeriesAlpha-numeric 70 SeriesAlpha-numeric 78 SeriesInch size, Pre 1965Inch size, 1965-72Metric 80 SeriesModern 60 SeriesModern 70 SeriesModern 80 Series
   5.50-12 5.60-12  165/60 R12165/70 R12155/80 R12
  W78-135.20-13  165/60 R13145/70 R13135/80 R13
  Y78-135.60-13  175/60 R13155/70 R13145/80 R13
   6.15-13  185/60 R13165/60 R13155/80 R13
A60-13A70-13A78-135.90-13600-13165 R13195/60 R13175/70 R13165/80 R13
B60-13B70-13B78-136.40-13650-13175 R13205/60 R13185/70 R13175/80 R13
C60-13C70-13C78-137.00-13  215/60 R13195/70 R13185/80 R13
D60-13D70-13D78-137.25-13700-13185 R13215/65 R13205/70 R13195/80 R13
E60-13E70-13E78-137.75.13    195/80 R13
   5.20-14  165/60 R14145/70 R14135/80 R14
   5.60-14  175/60 R14155/70 R14145/80 R14
A60-14A70-14A78-146.15-14  185/60 R14165/70 R14155/80 R14
 B70-14B78-146.45-14645-14155 R14195/60 R14185/70 R14175/80 R14
 C70-14C78-146.95-14695-14175 R14205/60 R14195/70 R14185/80 R14
E60-14E70-14E78-147.00-14735-14185 R14215/60 R13205/70 R14195/80 R14
F60-14F70-14F78-14, F83-147.50-14775-14195 R14225/60 R14215/70 R14205/80 R14
G60-14G70-14G77-14, G78-148.00-14825-14205 R14235/60 R14225/70 R14215/80 R14
H60-14H70-14H78-148.50-14855-14215 R14245/60 R14235/70 R14225/80 R14
J60-14J70-14J78-148.85-14  255/60 R14245/70 R14235/80 R14
L60-14L70-14 9.15-14  265/60 R14235/70 R14 
 A70-15A78-155.90-15600-15165 R15185/60 R15175/70 R15165/80 R15
B60-15B70-15B78-156.35-15  195/60 R15185/70 R15175/80 R15
C60-15C70-15C78-156.50-15685-15175 R15205/60 R15185/70 R15175/80 R15
E60-15E70-15E78-157.00-15735-15185 R15215/60 R15205/70 R15195/80 R15
F60-15F70-15F78-157.50-15775-15195 R15225/60 R15215/70 R15205/80 R15
G60-15G70-15G78-158.00-15 8.25-15825-15205 R15235/60 R15225/70 R15215/80 R15
H60-15H70-15H78-158.50-15, 8.55-15855-15215 R15245/60 R15235/70 R15225/80 R15
J60-15J70-15J78-158.85-15, 8.90-15885-15230 R15255/60 R15245/70 R15235/80 R15
 K70-15 9.00-15  265/60 R15245/70 R15230/80 R15
L60-15L70-15L78-15, L84-159.15-15900-15235 R15 255/70 R15235/80 R15
 M70-15M78-15     255/80 R15
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