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All the best battery brands: Exide, Willard, AtlasBX, Sabat & CTEK battery chargers, at great low prices over the internet and delivered directly to your door. We do not charge for or require scrap battery trade in.

Don't know the battery size for your vehicle? Click on "Fitment guide" and type in your vehicle make & a list of vehicles will be displayed. Find your vehicle, click on it and then click on "Search". All brands of battery for your vehicle will be displayed.

Know the size of your battery?  Insert your battery size (3 digits) in the "Enter a size" block provided and click on "Search". All battery brands in your size will be listed.

CTEK battery chargers now available.

Important notices!

  • Product photos are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product appearances.
  • Please note that we do not export batteries.
WARNING: Many newer vehicles require computer programming before and during changing batteries. Please check with your respective vehicle dealer first. Failure to do so could cause on-board computer to shut down the motor and possible battery damage. We will not accept any responsibility should this warning not be adhered to. 



AtlasBX AGM Stop StartAtlasBX
AGM Stop Start
AGM Stop Start  
from R 1310.00
AtlasBX Sealed Maintenance FreeAtlasBX
Sealed Maintenance Free
24 month guarantee  
from R 767.00
AtlasBX Ultra High PerformanceAtlasBX
Ultra High Performance
Ultra High Performance  
from R 1180.00
CTEK Battery Charger 12V Automatic Battery Charger (56336)CTEK Battery Charger
12V Automatic Battery Charger (56336)
Multi XS 25000 Extended  
from R 7713.00
CTEK Battery Charger 24V Automatic Battery Charger (56290)CTEK Battery Charger
24V Automatic Battery Charger (56290)
Multi XT14000 Extended  
from R 7951.00
CTEK Battery Charger CTX Comfort Battery Sense (40149)CTEK Battery Charger
CTX Comfort Battery Sense (40149)
Battery Sense Monitor  
from R 1224.00
CTEK Battery Charger Dual Automatic Battery Charger (56677)CTEK Battery Charger
Dual Automatic Battery Charger (56677)
D250S Dual/Solar input  
from R 5077.00
Exide Maintenance FreeExide
Maintenance Free
Maintenance free battery  
from R 1302.00
Exide Marine & LeisureExide
Marine & Leisure
Marine, TV and leisure  
from R 653.00
Exide Nano Enhanced Flooded BatteryExide
Nano Enhanced Flooded Battery
24 Month Warranty  
from R 719.00
Grand PrIX Low MaintenanceGrand PrIX
Low Maintenance
Budget Priced Battery  
from R 1197.00
Grand PrIX Maintenance FreeGrand PrIX
Maintenance Free
Budget Priced Battery  
from R 592.00
Sabat Deep CycleSabat
Deep Cycle
Golf Cart Battery  
from R 1779.00
Sabat Low MaintenanceSabat
Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance.  
from R 1406.00
Sabat Maintenance FreeSabat
Maintenance Free
Sabat EQ Range - 25 Month Warranty  
from R 719.00
Sabat Marine & LeisureSabat
Marine & Leisure
Marine & Leisure  
from R 1534.00
Sabat Moto, Jet Ski, ATVSabat
Moto, Jet Ski, ATV
Motorbike, Jet Ski, ATV, Quad.  
from R 228.00
Willard Low MaintenanceWillard
Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance  
from R 1477.00
Willard Maintenance FreeWillard
Maintenance Free
Willard IQ Range -25 Month Warranty.  
from R 752.00
Willard Marine & LeisureWillard
Marine & Leisure
Marine & Leisure  
from R 905.00