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Alloy Wheels

All the best alloy wheel brands at great low prices over the internet and delivered directly to your door.

Errol's Tyres Online offers a wide range of alloy wheels (mag wheels) for passenger, 4x4 and SUV vehicles. Being in the alloy wheel fitment business for more than 35 years means that we are alloy wheel experts. We are always happy to go over your alloy wheel options and help you get the perfect set of alloy rims for your vehicle.

Important notices!

  • Product photos are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product appearances.
  • Many wheel designs, worldwide, are manufactured as multi fitment, to fit more than one make of vehicle, and as such product pictures only show one fitment hole pattern, for illustrative design purposes only.
  • Prices indicated are per rim/wheel and include VAT, spigots & bolts/nuts, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Please ensure that when ordering your rims, you give us the precise make, model and year of your vehicle, thus ensuring we deliver, to you, the correct product and rim accessories that will fit your vehicle.
  • Wheel Fitment Guide. Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure that the fitment guide is correct, we would encourage that the vehicles manual be consulted to confirm the wheel specifications therein. e&oe. No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied as to the accuracy of the information provided on this site. Use of this site implies your agreement to these terms.
  • Offset may change when fitting non OEM tyre / rim sizes. Most specs shown are OEM rim / tyre specifications.
Size explanation: 17x8.0|6x139|25 = 17" wheel x 8" wide | 6 hole x 139 pcd  | 25 positive offset.

Offset Variance: An average variance of 5 mm on offset is acceptable. When exceeding normal or standard rim offset, please check rim clearance of brakes, suspension and or wheel arch / body, before fitting tyres to rims.

Staggered rim sizes:  Please contact us for specific information relating to your vehicle's staggered rim & tyre requirements,

TIP: When purchasing your new wheels, have a look at our range of anti theft lock nuts or bolts under Accessories heading. These items will ensure that your new wheels cannot be removed from the vehicle without your permission. 
For those of you who know the exact size of rim required, please click on "SEARCH ALLOY WHEEL" & fill in the three blocks "WHEEL SIZE: PCD: OFFSET" with your measurements, OR you may insert part of the three. Use the "SORT BY" facility & then click on "SEARCH".

GOLFERS - Looking for wheel and tyre combo for your golf cart? Listings are under the tyre section.

Important notice! Product photos are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product appearances.

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4x4, Light Truck, SUV (Chrome)

A-LINE Modular Chrome Steel alloy wheels
Modular Chrome Steel
from R 1219.00
14" & 15" 4x4 Chrome Steel Outback Range
A-LINE Transformer Chrome alloy wheels
Transformer Chrome
from R 4042.00
20" Chrome 4x4 L/Truck