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Bridgestone Turanza T005 Hi Performance specials effective from 1 October 2023  - 31st December 2023. The REAL deal.

Firestone & Bridgestone mixed specials of passenger and 4x4 tyres - Effective 1st October 2023 - 31st December 2023

Falken Specials running 01 December 2023 to 31 December 2023


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175/50 R13 72V
R 1293.00
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195/40 R17 81W ZR
R 1593.00
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205/40 R18 86W
R 1847.00
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NANKANG AS-1 EU Tyre Label

HP Comfort AS-1

Free Delivery to Fitment Partners Subject to a Minimum of 4 Tyres per Order

In order to get the better drainage efficiency, two straight broad grooves are applied on the outside. To enhance the safety on the wet ground, the stream in the middle groove is used to accumulate the water with the assistance of fine sipe bar to divert the water for safer drive.

To increase cornering force on the outside,the shoulder uses high rigidity designed pattern to strengthen cornering force and enhance the steering ability.

Unique straight groove designed on the shoulder can give the whole tread look more rigid and prevent it from irregular wear.

The evenly thin sipe design can reduce the road impact and enhance the comfort when driving.