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245/35 R20 95Y XL (OE FERRARI 488 STB)
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295/35 R20 105Y (OE ASTON MARTIN DB11 AM500)
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BRIDGESTONE POTENZA S007Click to enlarge
BRIDGESTONE POTENZA S007bridgestone potenza s007 rft


The Potenza S007 is Bridgestone’s maximum performance tyre designed for high-speed vehicle requiring maximum levels of lateral force due to their sporty setup for the best performance in dry and wet conditions.

  • Asymmetric tread design - Wide outside shoulder and unyielding notched-ribs enhance steering response and grip on dry surfaces.
  • Wide circumferential grooves - Help channel water through the tyre to preserve wet traction
  • Twin steel belts reinforced with two layers of spirally wrapped nylon
  • Provides tolerance for high-g cornering and high-speed durability.
  • Specially tuned casing construction - Featuring rayon cord to enhance cornering grip under the most severe load conditions.

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance