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When someone tries to discourage you from doing something simply because it has never been done before, remind them that all that has ever been achieved in life, began as something that had never been done before. 

BUYING TIP 1 -  POTENZA SPORT - BRIDGESTONE PASSENGER/SUV on SPECIAL-SIZES AS LISTED - From 23rd July 2022. Ends 31st August 2022. Whilst stock lasts. 

BUYING TIP 2 - MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTION ON SELECTED MAXXIS & CST TYRE SIZES MARKED AS ON "SALE" ON LIGHT TRUCK & 4X4 ALL-TERRAIN & MUD-TERRAIN TYRES. SUBJECT TO PURCHASE OF 4 OR MORE TYRES PER ORDER.  From 1st August 2022 to 31st August 2022. Whilst stock lasts. Place your orders now to avoid disapointment.                                             


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155/60 R20 80Q (OE BMW i3) Front
R 3002.00
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155/70 R19 84Q (OE BMW i3) Front
R 2719.00
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175/55 R20 85Q (OE BMW i3) Rear
R 3196.00
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175/60 R19 86Q (OE BMW i3) Rear
R 2815.00
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Ecopia EP500

**Not to be used for temporary spare tyre fitment purposes**

A unique concept for a Unique Car.

BMW has achieved a genuine milestone with the i3 & i8 electric car. Doing justice to its unprecedented levels of both efficiency and performance demanded more than just a new tyre, but an entire new tyre concept. 

Bridgestone's answer came in the form of the ologic technology, which capitalises on the synergies of a large diameter coupled with a narrow tread design. The result is a tyre that delivers significant improvements in aerodynamics and rolling resistance, while still offering outstanding grip in wet weather conditions.

Combining a large diameter with a narrow tread pattern has several advantages. While the tread on smaller diameter tyres is typically inclined to excessive movement or "deformation” during driving, the larger diameter and higher belt tension significantly reduce tyre deformation and therefore conserve energy that is otherwise lost through internal friction which helps to reduce rolling resistance. 

By the same token, the narrow tread concept improves aerodynamics. The most spectacular achievement, however is that these improvements do not involve a trade-off in terms of safety. The tyre’s long contact patch (relative to its narrow width), revolutionary tread design and compound still ensure outstanding grip in both wet and dry conditions.