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UPDATE - Adjusted Level 1 From Friday 1st October 2021.

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Envy Orion Black Machine Face BKMF

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Envy Orion Black Machine Face BKMF

Orion BKMF Black Machined Face

Fitment tips
    • Test fitment of your new rims to vehicle first, before fitting the tyre.
    • Test PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) centre bore offset and x-factor clearance.
    • If the rim does not fit first time to hub, do not force on. May be the wrong PCD.
    • Ensure correct nuts or bolts are being used. A minimum of 5 full revolutions of the nut or bolt must be attained.
    • If wheel nuts/bolts do not fit smoothly up to torque, do not force tighten. If force is used, the bolt/nut may be incorrect and may strip the thread.
    • Check if centre ring (spigot) is required. The spigot will centre the rim onto the hub, ensuring far greater wheel/tyre balance.
    • Once fitted, spin wheel & tyre combo before lowering vehicle. This will ensure that the rim/tyre is centered correctly.
    • Torque wheel bolts/nuts to manufacturers specifications in correct sequence. This will ensure correct torque around the entire contact area.
    • Ensure that you use the correct wheel spanner fitment.
    • Re-torque wheel bolts/nuts 100 km - 500 km after fitment of new rims.