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Black Rhino Razorback MMT Matt Machine Dark Tint

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Black Rhino Razorback MMT Matt Machine Dark TintClick to enlarge
Black Rhino Razorback MMT Matt Machine Dark Tint

Razorback Matt Machined Tint

Razorback is an imposing new set of aggressive offroad wheels for your set up . It’s one of the newest off road wheels from Black Rhino, with a fresh concave design that shows a tough style with its mechanically chiselled lip combined with high end precision machined style. Ten angled spokes are deeply recessed in these custom offroad wheels chainsaw-like barrel, giving Razorback a high energy presence. To cover the full range of stock and lifted off highway vehicles, Razorback offroad rims are available in 17x9, 18x9, 20x9 and 20x12 sizes. Offsets range from -44 to 0mm for five, six and 8-lug bolt patterns, including a 8/180 pattern for newer GMC and Chevrolet trucks. These truck rims sport huge lips to provide safe bead seating for oversized tires. Razorback truck wheels are featured in matte black with a dark tint machined face.
Fitment tips
  • Test fitment of your new rims to vehicle first, before fitting the tyre.
  • Test PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) centre bore offset and x-factor clearance.
  • If the rim does not fit first time to hub, do not force on. May be the wrong PCD.
  • Ensure correct nuts or bolts are being used. A minimum of 5 full revolutions of the nut or bolt must be attained.
  • If wheel nuts/bolts do not fit smoothly up to torque, do not force tighten. If force is used, the bolt/nut may be incorrect and may strip the thread.
  • Check if centre ring (spigot) is required. The spigot will centre the rim onto the hub, ensuring far greater wheel/tyre balance.
  • Once fitted, spin wheel & tyre combo before lowering vehicle. This will ensure that the rim/tyre is centered correctly.
  • Torque wheel bolts/nuts to manufacturers specifications in correct sequence. This will ensure correct torque around the entire contact area.
  • Ensure that you use the correct wheel spanner fitment.
  • Re-torque wheel bolts/nuts 100 km - 500 km after fitment of new rims.