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All the best tyre brands at great low prices over the internet and delivered directly to your door.  All prices listed are per tyre, inclusive of 15% VAT and subject to stock availability. (E&OE). Listed prices are per tyre only and does not include illustrative rim, unless specifically stated.

To look up by category, click on the menu below. All brands and sizes will be displayed within the chosen category.  Please check, when ordering tyres, whether your vehicle requires Run Flat tyres  (RFT) or not. Please be very specific, when ordering tyres, to divulge, in the appropriate block, the full make, model and year of your vehicle.This will ensure that the correct tyre size & application is ordered. (Refer T's & C's)

IMPORTANT:  When ordering 4x4 or Light Truck tyres, please ensure you take your average load and general road conditions and usage into consideration.
Tyres sizes are sometimes available in both Light Truck/Commercial and P-metric (Passenger) spec. Passenger tyres (which are generally cheaper) are designed for light-load applications and mild gravel & tarred roads, while, in contrast, LT/Commercial spec tyres are robustly made for heavy loads and tough off-road conditions. Fitting a Passenger-carcass tyre to a heavy-use off road 4x4 will result in low mileage, punctures and ceaseless tyre troubles.
MAXXIS & CST tyre prices, listed for free delivery to our Fitment Partners, are based on a minimum order of four (4) tyres per order. 
WANLI tyre prices, listed for free delivery to home, business or to our Fitment Partners, are based on a minimum of two (2) tyres per order..
Michelin Tyres S.A. have announced a price increase, effective 1st September 2019.
Cooper Tyres have announced a price increase, effective 1st September 2019.
Mickey Thompson Tyres have announced a price increase, effective 1st September 2019.
Bridgestone Firestone Stock Clearance Sale - 1st August 2019 to 31st August 2019.
The tyre stock clearance specials on offer from last month have been re-instated due to the huge demand, PLUS we have added further sizes to the menu. Note that T's & C's do apply. (Available stock is limited and is based on "first come first served" basis. Once stock is depleted or sold out, normal pricing on incoming new stock will be on offer. No stock returns are permitted).

Important notice! Product photos are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product appearances.

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Tyres Brands

Ride On Mower and Turf Tyre

KENDA K304 Block
K304 Block
from R 455.00
Turf. Trailer. Speciality
KENDA K352 Turf Block
K352 Turf Block
from R 233.00
Lawn and Turf
KENDA K358 Turf Rider
K358 Turf Rider
from R 571.00
Turf & Greens Mower
KENDA K389 Hole N 1
K389 Hole N 1
from R 541.00
Golf Cart Tyre
from R 1253.00
Ride on Mower and Implement
KENDA K401 Rib
K401 Rib
from R 303.00
Lawn & Turf
KENDA K404 Slick
K404 Slick
from R 249.00
Turf and Greens Mower.
KENDA K500 Super Turf
K500 Super Turf
from R 289.00
Lawn Mower Tyre
KENDA K505 Turf
K505 Turf
from R 2713.00
Lawn Mower Tyre
KENDA K507 Turf
K507 Turf
from R 2105.00
Lawn and Turf