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All the best tyre brands at great low prices over the internet and delivered directly to your door. All prices listed are per tyre, inclusive of VAT and subject to stock availability. (E&OE)

To look up by category, click on the menu below. All brands and sizes will be displayed within the chosen category.  Please check, when ordering tyres, whether your vehicle requires Run Flat tyres  (RFT) or not. Please be very specific, when ordering tyres, to divulge, in the appropriate block, the full make, model and year of your vehicle.This will ensure that the correct tyre size & application is ordered. (Refer T's & C's)

Note: When ordering 4x4 or Light Truck tyres, please ensure you take your load and general road conditions into consideration.
Tyres sizes are sometimes available in both LT/Commercial and P-metric (Passenger) spec. Passenger tyres (which are generally cheaper) are designed for light-load applications and mild gravel & tarred roads, while, in contrast, LT/Commercial spec tyres are robustly made for heavy loads and tough off-road conditions. Fitting a Passenger-carcass tyre to a heavy-use off road 4x4 will result in low mileage, punctures and ceaseless tyre troubles.

Important notice! Product photos are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product appearances.

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Radial Truck and Bus Tyres

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