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215/45 R16 90W XL
R 1388.00
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215/55 R18 99V XL
R 1916.00
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225/45 R17 94Y XL
R 1387.00
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255/50 R20 109Y XL
R 3133.00
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275/45 R21 110Y XL
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295/35 R21 107Y XL
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MOMO Toprun M30 Europa Tires

The MOMO Toprun M30 Europa is a performance and high performance, summer tire made for passenger vehicles and SUVs.

The tread design close surface contact helps improve the controllability. The surface contact enabled by the asymmetric ribbed pattern upgrades the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. It increases the speed and precision of the tire’s response to the driver’s commands, while the structure remains secured against the driving pressure affecting the model. The optimal road to rubber ratio of the tire’s footprint ensures a close surface contact, which creates friction between the tire and the road surface while the tires are in motion. This minimizes the braking distance by boosting the braking power. The heat-resistant compound and the enhanced driving stability work together to increase the high speed durability as they prevent the tire’s deformation under the high speed pressure. These factors ensure safety as well as performance.

The tire is intended for summer weather performance due to its excellent summer weather traction. The tread design and the durable summer compound increase the dry and wet weather road grip. The asymmetric ribbed tread design improves the grip on the road surface with the larger road-to-rubber ratio, while the compound actively prevents heat build-up along the tread area. The circumferential grooves prevent hydroplaning by dispersing water from below the tire’s footprint. This combination enhances the grip on the road surface throughout the summer, guaranteeing a safer performance.

The MOMO Toprun M30 Europa can also provide a quiet and comfortable drive. The tread’s notched rib pattern allows the tire to channel the airwaves through the footprint. They prevent the airwaves from coming into contact with the tread elements while the tires are in motion. This prevents, the road and tread pattern noise from generating and reaching the vehicle’s cabin.