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UPDATE - Adjusted Level 1 From Friday 1st October 2021.

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195/65 R14 89H
R 1152.00
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FIRESTONE TZ200 FIREHAWKThis TDG is FREE and not an insurance premium added to the price of the tyre..T&C's apply.

Built for the medium end of the market, Firestone benefit from a philosophy of high quality products at reasonable prices.

The range includes an industry leading concept, the FIRESTONE TYRE DAMAGE GUARANTEE. This guarantee provides an insurance cover for the arduous conditions of South African roads. If you hit a pothole, or glass, or your tyre is damaged in any way, your tyre is replaced with you only paying for the tread used. Technical and marketing innovation - a Firestone standard for over 100 years

Firestone Tyre Damage Guarantee

All Firestone branded passenger tyres are covered for accidental road damage by the Tyre Damage Guarantee.

If a tyre covered by this guarantee becomes unserviceable as a result of a road hazard i.e.  pothole, glass, curb or nail damage, it will be replaced with an equivalent Firestone tyre. You will be charged only for the percentage of the usable tread worn off the guaranteed tyre, plus any charge for mounting, balancing etc.

Please ensure that this guarantee is issued by the fitment centre fitting your Firestone tyres. If you have problems getting your tyres registered for the TYRE DAMAGE GUARANTEE, just email us and we will register your guarantee online, on your behalf, with Firestone.

PlyLoad IndexSpeed RatingOverall Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Loaded Radius (mm)Rolling Circ.±2% (mm)Recom. Rim (Inch)
175/65 R14 H82H18158426817815.50
185/60 R14 H82H18957826417635.50
185/65 R14 H86H19559627218365.50
195/60 R14 H86H20159026918006.00
195/60 R15 V88V20161528218766.00
195/65 R14 H89H20160927818606.00
195/65 R15 V91V20163929219376.00
195/70 R14 H91H19963028619216.00
205/55 R16 V91V21460727918516.50
205/60 R15 V91V20962728619126.00
205/65 R15 V94V20364729619736.00