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175/70 R13 82T Local
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FIRESTONE MULTIHAWKThis TDG is FREE and not an insurance premium added to the price of the tyre. T&C's apply.

All round balanced performance, superior steering precision and excellent comfort and quiet drive.

Increased tread centre block stiffness

  • Enhanced dry handling & braking performance
  • Strong wear resistance

Rounder (lens) shape blocks

  • Increased water drainage and hence improved resistance to hydroplaning
  • Modern design

3D - Bridge shoulder block connection

  • Resistance to heel & toe wear
  • Improvement of good water dispersion
  • Modern look

Turned void - rubber ratio

  • Balanced wet 7 dry performance
  • Optimised contact pressure distribution (block shape, width & depth of the grooves), improved wear / irregular wear resistance

All Firestone branded passenger tyres are covered for accidental road damage by the FIRESTONE TYRE DAMAGE GUARANTEE.

If a tyre covered by this guarantee becomes unserviceable as a result of a road hazard i.e.  pothole, glass, curb or nail damage, it will be replaced with an equivalent Firestone tyre. You will be charged only for the percentage of the usable tread worn off the guaranteed tyre, plus any charge for mounting, balancing etc.

Please ensure that this guarantee is issued by the fitment centre fitting your Firestone tyres. If you have problems getting your tyres registered for the TYRE DAMAGE GUARANTEE, just email us and we will register your guarantee online, on your behalf, with Firestone.

SizesPlyLoad IndexSpeed RatingOverall Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Loaded Radius (mm)Rolling Circ.±2% (mm)Recom. Rim (Inch)
155/65 R1373T15853124116224.5
155/80 R1379T15558026217644.5
165/60 R1475T16555725116885.0
165/65 R1377T17054224716615.0
165/65 R1479T17257125817395.0
165/70 R1481T16959626617895.0
165/80 R1383T16559426918124.5
175/65 R1482T17458526417785.0
175/65 R1584T17661727618565.0
175/70 R1382T17757826117545.0
175/70 R1484H17860627218325.0
185/60 R1482H18858126217625.5
185/65 R1486T18760427018185.5
185/65 R1588T18662228118965.0