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When someone tries to discourage you from doing something simply because it has never been done before, remind them that all that has ever been achieved in life, began as something that had never been done before. 

BUYING TIP 1 -  POTENZA SPORT - BRIDGESTONE PASSENGER/SUV on SPECIAL-SIZES AS LISTED - From 23rd July 2022. Ends 31st August 2022. Whilst stock lasts. 

BUYING TIP 2 - MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTION ON SELECTED MAXXIS & CST TYRE SIZES MARKED AS ON "SALE" ON LIGHT TRUCK & 4X4 ALL-TERRAIN & MUD-TERRAIN TYRES. SUBJECT TO PURCHASE OF 4 OR MORE TYRES PER ORDER.  From 1st August 2022 to 31st August 2022. Whilst stock lasts. Place your orders now to avoid disapointment.                                             


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185/55 R15 82T (OE VW UP)
R 1603.00
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185/65 R15 88T (OE PEUGEOT 208)
R 1175.00
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Ecopia tyres are engineered with less rolling resistance, making any car more fuel-efficient

Go farther on less energy using the breakthrough fuel-efficient tyre performance technologies of Ecopia tyres. They`re engineered for the eco-conscious and cost-conscious driver, delivering low rolling resistance – meaning the tyre minimises wasted energy, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Our Ecopia line is designed to enhance fuel economy while delivering all season performance and a smooth ride.

  • Ecopia tyres return more energy back to the tyre instead of generating heat and compromising fuel efficiency. 
  • Ecopia tyres help channel water away from the tyre through circumferential grooves, which improve resistance to hydroplaning and increase wet traction.
  • Reduce your vehicle`s impact on your wallet and the environment without compromising the level of quality you expect from a Bridgestone tyre. 
  • Ecopia can save you hundreds of Rands over their lifetime, practically paying for themselves.