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215/80 R16 C (215 R16 C) 103S RBT
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265/65 R17 112T CZ
R 2251.00
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BRIDGESTONE D694 DUELERDueler positioning

The D694 Dueler has been superseded by the D697 Dueler which is compatible with the D694. 

The Dueler D694 All Terrain tyre offers performance in the best and worse road conditions with a comfortable ride and superior handling.

OWT = Outline white lettering

RBT = Raised black lettering

Features and Benefits

  • CTDM 
    Simultaneous improvement in handling, comfort, noise and rolling resistance resulting in good handling, quiet ride and reduced fuel consumption.
  • O-Bead
    Accurate fit and rounder shape for a smooth and uniform ride.
  • L.L Carbon
    Upgraded resistance to tread surface abrasion, chipping and reduced heat generation for longer tyre life.
  • Jointless
    Joint less cap ply and cap strip for advanced high speed durability and superior uniformity and performance.
  • 3D Block designs
    Blocks size increase as the tread wears down and add to aggressive appearance. This ensures consistent block stiffness and bigger contact area for positive steering performance and aggressive look throughout the life of the tyre.
  • Sidewall Protector
    Adding extra protection against road hazards by strengthening the sidewall and deflecting stones away.
  • Flair Sipes
    Flair sipes increases in length as the tyre wears to maintain bite for consistent grip throughout the tyres life.
  • 50% Dirt - 50% Tar
Note:  Size 245/75 R15 is same as 30/9.50 R15
           Size 265/75 R15 is same as 31/10.50 R15

SizesPlyLoad IndexSpeed RatingOverall Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Loaded Radius (mm)Rolling Circ.±2% (mm)Recom. Rim (Inch)
215/70 R16 RBT100S21770832121596.50
215/80 R15 OWT102T21572632422056.00
215/80 R16 RBT103S21875033722886.00
235/65 R17108T2357373332249
235/70 R16 RBT106T24273633222456.50
235/85 R16 LT OWT8114/111R23481836424956.00
245/65R17 RBT107T2457503192288
245/70 R16 OWT107S24975033722887.00
245/70 R16 RBT107S24975033722887.00
245/75 R16 OWT6108/104S24977734823707.00
255/70 R15 C RBT112S26073933422547.50
265/65 R17112S26777735123768.00
265/70 R15 OWT112T26875233522947.50
265/70 R16 RBT112S26877834823737.50
265/75 R16 OWT112R26980635924587.5
265/75 R16 OWT6112/109S26980635924587.50
27/8.50 R14 OWT95S21867730320657.00
275/70 R16 OWT114S27479235424167.50
285/65 R17116T2858023712447
285/75 R16 C OWT6116/113R28983637125508.00
32/11.50 R15 LT OWT6113S29480336324499.00
33/12.50 R15 OWT108S317830366253210.00