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32/11.50 R15 113Q OWT
R 2691.00
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33/12.50 R15 108Q OWT
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Featuring Bridgestone's new fundamental tyre technology, UNI-T, the Dueler D673 is designed for the cross- country vehicle driver who wants the aggressive performance and appearance of a maximum traction lug tyre, yet also desires a tyre that offers a comfortable ride and responsive handling on the road.

Features and Benefits

  • CTDM 
    Simultaneous improvement in handling, comfort, noise and rolling resistance resulting in good handling, quiet ride and reduced fuel consumption.
  • O-Bead 
    Accurate fit and rounder shape for a smooth and uniform ride.
  • L.L Carbon 
    Upgraded resistance to tread surface abrasion, chipping and reduced heat generation for longer tyre life.
  • Joint-less 
    Joint less cap ply and cap strip for advanced high speed durability and superior uniformity and performance.
  • Rim Guard 
    Protecting the sidewall and wheel for longer tyre life and it also enhances the appearance of the tyre.
  • Transverse lug design 
    Excellent grip in loose soil and mud conditions.
  • Wide lug spacing 
    Improved grip with good self cleaning ability.
Note:  Size 245/75 R15 is same as 30/9.50 R15
           Size 265/75 R15 is same as 31/10.50 R15

SizesPlyLoad IndexSpeed RatingOverall Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Loaded Radius (mm)Rolling Circ.±2% (mm)Recom. Rim (Inch)
235/75 R15 OWT104S23573933421986.50
235/85 R16 OWT108S24080836523927.00
245/75 R16 RBT120Q23778034923796.50
30/9.50 R15 OWT104S25175634222427.50
31/10.50 R15 OWT109S27878135323158.50
32/11.50 R15 LT OWT113Q30280736523929.00
33/12.50 R15 OWT108Q329832376246310.0