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RUNVA Synthetic Cable Winch 9500LBS EVO (RW9500SE)

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UNIVERSAL ROPE WINCH Runva Synthetic Rope Winch 9500 lbs (4309 kg) 12v EVO (Evolution)
R 10559.00
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RUNVA Synthetic Cable Winch 9500LBS EVO (RW9500SE)Click to enlarge
RUNVA Synthetic Cable Winch 9500LBS EVO (RW9500SE)

Runva RW9500SE 12V Q EVO with Synthetic Rope

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Rated Line Pull:  9500lb (4309kg)

Motor: Series Wound (12V) 6.4kW/8.6hp
Gear Train:  Full Steel 3 Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio:  80:1 – Extra Low for Extra Speed
Brake:  Automatic Load Holding Screw Cone
Synthetic Rope: 10mm x 26.5m
Mounting Bolt Pattern:  254mm x 114.3mm
Overall Dimensions:  577mm x 163mm x 217mm
Remote Control:  3.7m Handheld Remote/Wireless Remote
Battery Leads: All factory supplied cables must be upgraded to a minimum size of 70mm2
Finish:  Grey Powder Coat
Net Weight:  31kg
Gross Weight:  33kg (includes packaging)
Warranty:  Limited Lifetime


Five Year on all Electrical; and Lifetime on all Mechanical components. Runva was one of the first to offer such a comprehensive warranty.

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