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ARTAV Stainless Steel is the no.1 distributor of premium grade stainless steel accessories to the Southern African aftermarket. We are constantly developing new products to stay abreast of the current vehicle launches and this enables us to provide our aftermarket customers with the latest in stainless steel accessories. Artav solely manufacturers from 304 premium series stainless steel & powder coated 409 series stainless steel and gives a 1 year workmanship guarantee with every product. 

Artav Stainless Steel currently has a range of over 250 products of which 90% are stock items. This means that all orders are dispatched on the day of order, ensuring the best service levels for yourself. Artav Stainless Steel covers all logistics within South Africa so products are ordered and delivered to your door step. 

All products are wrapped in aerothene bags and packaged in specially made Artav boxes to guarantee they arrive in perfect condition. Each product is accompanied with the relevant brackets, nuts & bolts plus fitting instructions to allow for an easy fit. 

ARTAV is the home of Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel automotive accessories. Founded by owners with over 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing of these accessories, we pride ourselves as the leaders in this industry.

ARTAV Auto Accessories is founded on the belief of providing key distributors, export agents and fitment operations with a high quality stainless steel range of products that allows for a complete offering to their respective markets.

Currently ARTAV is the worlds most advanced stainless steel accessory plant and boosts the ability to manufacture over 10 000 parts a month in full production. Our belief in providing our key customers with the tools to achieve their goals is the corner stone of this company.

Constantly developing for the latest models of LCV and SUV as well as providing an offering that is attractive and a quality that is OEM worthy is one of our key focuses.


Can I fit my Artav Bar myself? 

All Artav parts are designed to be fitted in less than 1 hour. ... Parts are designed to fit without having to cut bumpers or remove them. We aim to make the fitting as effortless as possible. Our products are all supplied with fitting instructions and the necessary brackets and fastener kit. Basically if you are fairly hands on, you will be able to order your bar, have it delivered to your doorstep and fit it in less than an hour. 

Are your Nudge Bars Air Bag compliant? 

All Nudge Bars are first tested using an engineering simulation to gauge the strength and whether impact is transferred onto the vehicle chassis or absorbed by the Nudge Bar. Then the Nudge Bar is sent to Australia for ABC – Air Bag Compatibility testing. Once the bar has passed ABC testing, it is then endurance tested by using a jig that simulates 20,000 km off road vibration.

Are bars made from stainless or chromed? 

All bars are manufactured solely from 304 Series Premium Grade Stainless Steel. This is the second highest grade of stainless steel available in the world and the premium grade of stainless steel in the automotive sector.

"What is the best way to take care of my Sycor Artav products? The shine is great but with my off road activities I need something more..." 

Our products are designed for the tough SA climate and the tougher SA driver!... But, life happens and little scratches and nicks can be picked up, as you will have noticed, the shine comes back easily with a good clean, but, if you want to get the steel looking as good as new, please try our stainless steel repair kit. You can order it direct from Errols Tyres Online, via the category listing below.


Bullbar Black Stainless Steel

ARTAV Roll Sports Bar Stainless Steel L200 Facelift (30072T)
Free Shipping
Roll Sports Bar Stainless Steel L200 Facelift (30072T)
from R 5158.00
Mitsubishi Triton L200 Facelift 2019+

Bullbar Stainless Steel

BullBar Stainless Steel

Bullbar Stainless Steel

ARTAV Front Styling Bar 76mm (90009T)
Free Shipping
Front Styling Bar 76mm (90009T)
from R 4034.00
Toyota Quantum 2008+
ARTAV Grill Guard (90025T)
Free Shipping
Grill Guard (90025T)
from R 4629.00
Landcruiser 70 Ser 2010+

Cattle Rail

Nudge Bar Black Stainless Steel

Nudge Bar Stainless Steel

ARTAV Nudge & Oval Cross Member (150020T)
Free Shipping
Nudge & Oval Cross Member (150020T)
from R 4299.00
Ford Ranger T6 2012-2015
ARTAV Nudge Bar and Cross Member (10018T)
Free Shipping
Nudge Bar and Cross Member (10018T)
from R 3241.00
Chevrolet Utility 2012+ (New Shape)
ARTAV Nudge Bar for Facelift 2017 (150075T)
Free Shipping
Nudge Bar for Facelift 2017 (150075T)
from R 4431.00
Mazda BT50 Face Lift 2017+
ARTAV Nudge Bar Stainless Steel (30045T)
Free Shipping
Nudge Bar Stainless Steel (30045T)
from R 4490.00
Mitsubishi Pajero 2008+
ARTAV Nudge Bar with Oval Cross Member (80022T)
Free Shipping
Nudge Bar with Oval Cross Member (80022T)
from R 4358.00
Toyota Hilux Vigo 2011-2015
ARTAV Nudge with Oval Cross Member (80030T)
Free Shipping
Nudge with Oval Cross Member (80030T)
from R 4431.00
Toyota Fortuner 2006-2015

Rear Step Black Stainless Steel

Rear Step Stainless Steel

Roll Bar Black Stainless Steel

Roll Bar Stainless Steel

ARTAV Triple Roll Bar (90021T)
Free Shipping
Triple Roll Bar (90021T)
from R 6547.00
Landcruiser 70 series 2004+

Side Step / Bar Black Stainless Steel

Side Step / Bar Stainless Steel

Free Shipping
4" Oval Side Step - Double Cab. (80026T)
from R 5621.00
Toyota Hilux 2006-2015 Double Cab

Spot Light Bracket

ARTAV Spot Light Brackets (00002T)
Spot Light Brackets (00002T)
from R 844.00
Spot Light Brackets

Stainless Steel Repair Kit

ARTAV Stainless Steel Repair Kit (040T)
Stainless Steel Repair Kit (040T)
from R 767.00
Stainless Steel Repair Kit

Tow Bar

ARTAV Tow Bar (90031T)
Free Shipping
Tow Bar (90031T)
from R 4299.00
Toyota Landcruiser 2007+

Tow Bar and Rear Step

ARTAV Rear Step (90030T)
Free Shipping
Rear Step (90030T)
from R 4761.00
Landcruiser 70 Ser 2007+
ARTAV Tow Bar with Rear Step (80038T)
Free Shipping
Tow Bar with Rear Step (80038T)
from R 6177.00
Toyota Fortuner 2016+