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Willard Low Maintenance

ItemPart No.Price eachShipping
671 00 PW
R 1477.00*Qty:Add To Cart
674 00 PW
R 1477.00*Qty:Add To Cart
680 00 PW
R 1883.00*Qty:Add To Cart
681 00 PW
R 1883.00*Qty:Add To Cart
682 00 PW
R 1883.00*Qty:Add To Cart
683 00 PW
R 1883.00*Qty:Add To Cart
685 00 PW
R 2069.00*Qty:Add To Cart
688 00 PW
R 3311.00*Qty:Add To Cart
689 00 PW
R 2333.00*Qty:Add To Cart
690 00 PW
R 2381.00*Qty:Add To Cart
691 00 PW
R 2333.00*Qty:Add To Cart
692 00 PW
R 2582.00*Qty:Add To Cart

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Willard Batteries

Go Green, Go Willard

In addition to manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of premium quality automotive batteries to the OE, replacement and leisure markets, the Willard Batteries brand has become well known in many diverse areas of the industrial market throughout sub Saharan Africa. Years of experience in selling underground traction batteries and in managing lamp rooms and battery bays in the mining sector, combined with experience in materials handling, traction, transport, standby and UPS power markets, has seen Willard Batteries develop a product range that is robust and reliable in the most extreme environments.

The emergence of environmental issues near the top of the global political agenda over the past few years has not escaped the notice of the business community. The new importance of "green” issues in boardroom discussions, public relations strategies and production processes cannot be denied.

Willard Batteries’ "Go Green, Go Willard” campaign – which encourages customers to bring in their scrap batteries for recycling – was borne out of this burgeoning consciousness. The recycling of potentially damaging waste lead-acid batteries, and the subsequent planting of trees in denuded urban areas, is a prime example of Willard Batteries "corporate responsibility” in the area of environmental protection.

The life cycle of a Lead-Acid Battery follows a continuous, closed loop. When a scrap battery is collected and returned to Willard Batteries, its lead and plastic are reclaimed and directed to new battery manufacturing.