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Sabat Low Maintenance

ItemPart No.Price eachShipping
671 671-29 PW 90 amp/h Standard SMF
R 1406.00*Qty:Add To Cart
674 674-29 PW 90 amp/h Standard SMF
R 1406.00*Qty:Add To Cart
680 680-29 PW Standard SMF
R 1793.00*Qty:Add To Cart
681 681-29 PW Standard SMF
R 1793.00*Qty:Add To Cart
682 682-29 PW Standard SMF
R 1793.00*Qty:Add To Cart
683 683-29 PW Standard SMF
R 1793.00*Qty:Add To Cart
685 685-29 PW Standard SMF
R 1971.00*Qty:Add To Cart
688 688-29 PW Free Venting
R 3098.00*Qty:Add To Cart
689 689-29 PW Free Venting
R 1890.00*Qty:Add To Cart
690 690-29 PW Free Venting
R 2269.00*Qty:Add To Cart
691 691-29 PW Free Venting
R 2200.00*Qty:Add To Cart
692 692-29 PW Free Venting
R 2506.00*Qty:Add To Cart

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SABAT Batteries

From batteries for boats and jet skis, to batteries for cars and quad bikes, SABAT Batteries has positioned itself as the lifestyle battery of choice.There is goodwill for SABAT Batteries that extends into all areas of South African life as the heritage of the brand grew out of its historically massive distribution network. 

SABAT Batteries remains one of the best known and loyally supported automotive component brands.SABAT Batteries has additionally developed a special relationship with Q.A.S.A, the Quadriplegic Association of South Africa. Members receive free batteries and have the annual opportunity of participating in an adrenalin-charged race held at Kyalami race track.SABAT and Willard Batteries currently have a new fleet of branded vans which can be seen doing the rounds nationwide. 

The vans are a response to increased demand from the informal sector and serve the dual purpose of supplying batteries to this sector as well as fulfilling the role of mobile fitment where needed. Powertech Batteries has a strong legacy in the informal sector where SABAT Batteries in particular, has retained a loyal customer base.