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Grand PrIX Maintenance Free

ItemPart No.Price eachShipping
610 610-46-PW Free Venting
R 636.00*Qty:Add To Cart
618 618-46-PW Free Venting
R 628.00*Qty:Add To Cart
619 619-46-PW Free Venting
R 628.00*Qty:Add To Cart
621 621-46-PW Free Venting
R 702.00*Qty:Add To Cart
622 622-46-PW Free Venting
R 702.00*Qty:Add To Cart
628 628-46-PW Free Venting
R 680.00*Qty:Add To Cart
630 630-46-PW Free Venting
R 592.00*Qty:Add To Cart
631 631-46-PW Free Venting
R 592.00*Qty:Add To Cart
638 638-46-PW Free Venting
R 808.00*Qty:Add To Cart
639 639-46-PW Free Venting
R 808.00*Qty:Add To Cart
643 643-46-PW Free Venting
R 784.00*Qty:Add To Cart
646 646-46-PW Free Venting
R 784.00*Qty:Add To Cart
647 647-46-PW Free Venting
R 822.00*Qty:Add To Cart
650 650-46-PW Free Venting
R 923.00*Qty:Add To Cart
652 652-46-PW Free Venting
R 931.00*Qty:Add To Cart
657 657-46-PW Free Venting
R 971.00*Qty:Add To Cart

* Shipping to be calculated.

Grand Prix Batteries is part of Powertech Batteries, one of the largest power electronics and telecommunications groups in southern Africa. Powertech Batteries is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Altron Group and its core business includes the manufacture and distribution of batteries, DC power systems, cable and cable accessories, transformers, including electrical accessories and lighting technology.

SABAT Batteries is one of those rare brand names that has truly found its way into the hearts and psyche of many South Africans. Acknowledged as a reliable, quality product that offers value for money, SABAT is also a hard-working brand in terms of its ability to meet the needs of a diverse market

Powertech Batteries with its two brands Willard and Sabat, serve the original equipment, replacement and leisure sectors supplying these with a range of automotive lead acid batteries.

Our industry and mining operations provide the mining, materials, handling, transport and utilities sectors with DC Power Solutions, encompassing the provision of batteries and a range of services to ensure productive and efficient use of battery power whilst prolonging battery life.