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CTEK Battery Charger PRO25S - 12V 25A Charger *(Lithium) (40-194)

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CTEK Battery Charger PRO25S - 12V 25A Charger *(Lithium) (40-194)Click to enlarge

Automatic charger per 25 S EU

The PRO 25S by CTEK is an innovative, versatile and highly efficient charging and power supply unit with 25 A. It meets the professional requirements of the automobile industry. The PRO 25S is characterised by its strong performance and advanced technology. It is safe and portable, flexible for all 12 V vehicle batteries including lithium-ion batteries (LiFePO?) traveling. In short, the perfect solution for the professional charging batteries in the workshop and in Salon.

A highly developed technology ensures that every battery exactly according to your individual requirements quickly and securely charged. The special reconditioning program of the PRO 25S for lead-acid batteries, batteries are discharged, restore and obsolete exhausted batteries. The mode of supply supports the battery while diagnostic work and the troubleshooting the device shows a low ripple of voltage and current on and is therefore for the sensitive vehicle electronics. It works fully automatically, is easy to use and connect as well as wireless-proof and protected against reverse polarity, in order to protect the user and the battery from damage. The design of the PRO 25S stands for simple handling in the workshop as salon. It is lightweight and portable, but with its robust and shock-proof housing, the device it to withstand even the harshest conditions.