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CTEK Battery Charger I-2440-24V 40A Industrial Charger (88875230)

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36INT88875230-CK I-2440-24V 40A INDUSTRIAL CHARGER
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CTEK Battery Charger I-2440-24V 40A Industrial Charger (88875230)Click to enlarge


Charge current: 40A
Easy to read LED display
Low CO2 emissions and power usage
2-year warranty
Charge current: 40A
Easy to read LED display
Low CO2 emissions and power usage
2-year warranty


Industrial charging for a range of battery types
Flexible charging curves
The I2440 is an industrial charger designed for all standard lead acid, AGM and GEL batteries from as low as 0.5V.
The I2440 has 15 on board charging curves which can be freely combined together and features automatic reconditioning for deeply discharged batteries using a special charging algorithm, Drive Off protection and integration for NC and NO contacts. The I2440 also has intelligent cable loss compensation for even faster charging and uses advanced technology for its high frequency switch mode. With conversion efficiency up to 94%, the I2440 means low CO2 emissions and lower power usage in general.

230Vrms ± 10
Insulation class

The I2420 and I2440 industrial chargers have been developed for use in even the harshest, hottest environments. Constructed of black anodised aluminium,
these robust chargers are completely sealed units fitted with vibration absorbers to further protect the unit.
IP64 rated (water and dust proof), and supplied with a two-year warranty the I-Series range of chargers are built for long life.

Unique ‘Resonant Converter’ transformer technolog delivers high levels of current, with 94% efficiency, for optimum charge levels in the shortest possible time. This
unique approach to charging enables the I2420 and I2440 chargers to work in extreme temperatures of up to 40°C without de-rating (reducing) charge levels, and at even
higher temperatures with reduced output current.

Both chargers have room for many different charging programmes for different battery types, sizes and vehicle behaviours, they are suitable for all types of 24V battery
including normal wet/flooded, Calcium (Ca/Ca) and Gel, AGM, EFB and also Lithium LIFePO4. And if the battery needs to be swapped out for a different battery type, you
don’t need to swap out the charger – the charger can be re-programmed. Both the I2420 and I 2440 charges batteries from as low as 0.5V and automatically revives deeply discharged batteries.

Advanced electronics mean that I2420 and I 2440 chargers are safe for permanent installation. Drive-off protection ensures that the vehicle won’t start if it is
connected to the charger whilst reverse polarity and over voltage protection protect the battery. There is a builtin temperature sensor to ensure that the battery won’t
overheat. The I-Series range of chargers is completely safe for the battery, the vehicle and the user.

A series of LED lights show the state of charge of the battery, so you know when it’s time to charge, and if the charger is mounted somewhere difficult to access or
see, a remote 2.5M or 5M LED wire is available as an accessory. The I2420 and I2440 chargers logs the last 200 charge cycles, including incomplete cycles, which
can be downloaded by CTEK for analysis.

With the I-Series, you can simply connect and forget. Both the I2420 and I2440 can be left connected for unlimited periods of time with no risk of damaging the battery