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CTEK Battery Charger 24V Automatic Battery Charger (56290)

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MULTI XT 14000 EXTENDED EU 24V (56-290)
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The XT 14000 EXTENDED is a professional 24V charger suitable for permanent installation. It is developed for charging and maintenance charging of 24V vehicles and machinery. XT 14000 EXTENDED has no mode button, just plug in main and connect battery cables to start charging.

The XT 14000EXTENDED is equipped with all necessary features and functions to solve a broad range of battery related problems. It offers features such as battery diagnosis that shows if a battery can receive and retain a charge, unique maintenance charging, and a temperature sensor for optimised charging regardless of the weather conditions.

The XT 14000 EXTENDED is a fully automatic 7-step charger that delivers 14A to 24V batteries from 28–300Ah and is suitable for maintenance charging up to 500Ah. The charger is IP44 classified (outdoor use), designed to protect vehicle electronics and non-sparking, reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof. It is delivered with a 2-year warranty.

Rated Voltage AC170–260VAC, 50–60Hz
Charging voltage28.8V
Charging current14A max
Current, mains2.9A rms (at full charging current)
Back current drain<2Ah/month
Ambient temperature-20°C to +50°C, output power is reduced automatically at high temperatures
Charger type8 step, fully automatic charging cycle with adjustable parameters
Battery typesAll types of 24V lead-acid batteries (WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM and GEL)
Battery capacity28–300Ahup to 500Ah for maintenance
Insulation classIP44