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AtlasBX Ultra High Performance

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639 75AH 700CCA UHPB
639 UMF
R 1367.00
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646 68AH 610CCA UHPB
646 UMF
R 1336.00
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652 78AH 790CCA UHPB
652 UMF
R 1663.00
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658 105AH 880CCA UHPB
658 UMF
R 2040.00
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660 110AH 980CCA UHPB
660 UMF
R 2266.00
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668 80AH 830CCA UHPB
668 UMF
R 1717.00
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Ultra High Performance Battery

WARNING: Many newer vehicles require computer programming before and whilst changing batteries. Please check with your vehicle dealer first. Failure to do so can cause on-board computer to shut down the motor and battery damage. We will not accept any responsibility should this warning not be adhered to. 

ATLASBX UHPB Battery is designed to provide ultimate performance for a wide range of premium vehicles that require higher power support.
  • 30% enhanced starting power for top level performance
  • Fast and powerful start with X-Frame Technology
  • Enduring and consistent power performance with High Durability Plate Technology
  • Reinforced case to resist exterior damage and deformation
  • Rapid charging through latest carbon plus technology
  • 24 Month Guarantee